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Queensmen Roll of Honour

Since 1960 there have been a total of 35 Queens Badges presented to members of the Company. Here you will find a comprehensive list of all the young men who gained this award. If you have any photos of presentations of these awards and would like them to be included on the Queensmen Photo Gallery, please contact us by email (

Ernest Addicott 1960
Geoffrey Patrick 1961
David Walker 1961
Martin Holmes 1965
Stanley Oliver 1966
John Cliff 1968
Peter Holmes 1968
Philip Jennison 1968
David Husband 1969
Stephen Peat 1969
Allan Samuel 1969
Graham Sowden 1969
Ernest Swale 1969
Richard Husband 1977
Ian Milner 1977
David Crossland 1978
Neil Prewer 1978
Derek Robinson 1978
Kevin Parsons 1981
Neil Armitage 1990
Stuart Green 1993
Martin Wilson 1994
Christopher Laidlaw 1995
David Ferris 1996
Timothy Bettley 1997
John Cawkwell 1999
Matthew Holmes 1999
Paul Holmes 1999
Daniel Hussey 1999
Robin Sanders 1999
Andrew Sowden 1999
Chris McDonald 2003
Simon Austin 2009
Ashley Kemp 2009
Matthew Fish 2014

For photos of Queensmen please click here.